Dog Training Services

All training at K9 Connect is reward-based and follows the newest research.
You and your dog will learn using science-based methods. I do not teach using outdated ‘dominance theory’-based ideas and training methods.

  • Behaviour Modification

    • Duration Varies
    • Cost $60/hr & up

    Private, 1-on-1 lessons to change unwanted behaviour in your dog. This includes aggression issues, over-excitement around people and/or dogs, and teaching house manners to new adoptions.

    Duration and price for Behaviour Modification sessions varies based on individual needs.

  • Reliable Recall Lessons

    • Duration 1 hour
    • Cost $45 & up

    Learn how to teach your dog to come to you reliably in all situations – even around REALLY exciting distractions.

  • Private On-Leash Walks

    • Duration 1 hour
    • Cost $35

    I take your dog for a walk and teach leash manners while exercising and having fun. Geared for very hard to handle dogs.

    These walks make for a great intro to my ‘Leash Manners Training Walks’ where you can learn to confidently walk your dog.

  • Leash Manners Training Walks

    • Duration 1 hour
    • Cost $45

    Learn tips and tricks on how to handle your unruly dog and make walks enjoyable for both of you.

    These sessions are a great follow-up to my ‘Private On-Leash Walks’.

  • Socializing Do’s & Dont’s

    • Duration 1 hour
    • Cost $45

    Learn the Do’s & Dont’s of Socializing, and how to do it without the traditional class setting.

    Great for puppies, new adoptions, and very shy or timid dogs. COVID-safe!

  • Basic Health & Grooming

    • Duration 1 hour & up
    • Cost $50 & up

    Learn to clean ears, clip nails, and other basic brushing/grooming and oral health techniques.

    More importantly, you will learn how to help your dog feel comfortable during the process.

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